Why Timid Sky?

Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse At Dusk II
So here’s a question you might be asking… Why Timid Sky?  Where did I come up with that name?  And to be honest, I have no idea.  I first used Timid Sky as a name of a song idea I recorded a few years ago.  That song idea hasn’t gone anywhere but the name stuck.  Since choosing Timid Sky as the name of my art photography website I’ve thought to myself, I must have heard this phrase used in the past.  I’ve never been able to pinpoint where I’ve heard it but of course I have searched for where it’s been used.  The most obvious place would be literature whether that be books, short stories or even song lyrics.  If you do a Google search for Timid Sky you will find it has been used numerous times.  One example is a poem called Sinking Beauty Of The Sunset

 Curious Calm

Glittering sundown, and I was
Standing alone on the seashore
Watching ceremonial phenomenon
Of light and darkness
When tinted, red lips of timid sky dome
Slowly extended into the massive vastness

from: SINKING BEAUTY OF THE SUNSET, by Ashraf Gohar Goreja

Another example that dates all the way back to 1895-96 called Thunder Storm

The sunlight flees the air, – the earth retreats to sullen gloom.
The burning day anticipates the coming of the heat’s doom,
For in the west the clouds’ dark brows frown o’er the timid sky ;
And silence waits with anxious calm, until the storm draws nigh.

from: THE THUNDER STORM, by Henry Mason Chadwick, Malden.

WWII Memorial

And yet one more example in another poem titled Winter’s Symphony

‘Ere the storm begins
Timid sky blushes silver
As the wind rises

from WINTER’S SYMPHONY, a poem by Regis J. Auffray, Canada

I will probably never know for sure where I read or heard the phrase Timid Sky but clearly there is precedent for its use in the art world.  I will do my best to honor this phrase with my art photography and hopefully I will add a few worthy nuggets to the history of this literary term.

Some day in the future somebody else might wonder where they read or heard this term.  I will join the other artists with whom they discover on their journey.