Fotomoto Canvas Print Review

December 24, 2010 – Review: Fotomoto Canvas Print in Gallery Wrap
Final Verdict is 4 out of 5 stars ( ****)
by D. K. Sutton

I decided to place an order with Fotomoto for a canvas print of Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse At Dusk. I wanted to give Fotomoto’s order fulfillment and printing services a test drive. Before I begin the review of the canvas print I would like to provide a little information for those that are not familiar with Fotomoto, the company I chose for order fulfillment on Timid Sky.

Fotomoto provides total online order fulfillment services for photographers who run their own websites. With Fotomoto, photographers are able to spend time doing what they know best and love, taking photos, instead of taking time to process payments and handle printing. It also allows a greater range of products to be offered that simply wouldn’t be possible for most photographers.

Fotomoto offers Premium Prints with three different paper types to choose from Kodak ENDURA Lustre, Kodak ENDURA Glossy or Kodak ENDURA Metallic. They also offer Fine Art Prints that they state are museum quality ink prints on archival papers. You can choose from Enhanced Matte Poster, Premium Glossy Photo, Satin Lustre Photo, Elegance Watercolor or UltraSmooth Fine Art. The last of the print choices are Canvas Prints, which is what I ordered. With canvas prints you can choose from Gallery Wrap, Board Wrap or Board Mounted along with additional customization of each of those options. Specifically for Gallery Wrap (which is what I ordered) you can choose black or white wrapped edges, lustre or glossy finish and three hanging options, sawtooth, wire hanger or paper back (no hanger).

In addition to prints you can also order greeting cards, postcards or purchase photo downloads for use as wallpaper, on websites, magazines and more. It’s up to the photographer to choose the options he or she wants to have available on their website. The last options available are Sharing and eCards. These are free options. The Sharing  option allows sharing of photos on various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The eCard option allows visitors to send free eCards to an email recipient with custom message.  All of these options, Prints, Cards, Downloads, Share, eCard appear on a customizable toolbar that can show up above or below each photo. Visitors to the site simply click one of the options and a Fotomoto pop-up appears where the order fulfillment process begins.

The Review

I ordered the canvas print on 12/14/2010 and received it on 12/22/2010 which means it only took around a week to receive which I think is pretty fast for this type of service. This is a custom made  product which includes a wood frame. I fully expected turnaround time to be over a week, maybe even two weeks. To receive it in about a week was impressive. It arrived in a large, flat box via USPS. The box was much larger than the size of the canvas print itself. You can see in the photo above how the print was suspended within the middle of this large box with cardboard flaps and plastic fasteners. The print itself was protected within a plastic bag and on top of the print (on the side of the box that opens) was a large cardboard insert that protects the print when you open the box with a sharp object which is a nice touch.

The canvas print I ordered was Gallery Wrap with white-wrap edges, lustre finish and wire  hangers. Unfortunately the print I received had black-wrap edges instead of the white-wrap I ordered. I contacted Fotomoto support via email to let them know about this error and I told them I would accept the black-wrap edge as received but wanted to make sure that they were aware of the error in case something needs to be fixed within their ordering system. I received a response within a few hours stating they were very sorry for the mix up and that they were contacting the print lab to see where the error was made. I’ve been in touch with Fotomoto support a few times (related to technical issues on my website) and they are always easy to work with and quick to respond.

After unboxing the canvas print I inspected it thoroughly. I will admit I’m not much of an expert when it comes to this type of product but it has met or exceeded my expectations. The wood frame is thick and solid.  The canvas is wrapped smoothly and is fastened securely. Even the wire hanger brackets are attached with two screws on each bracket which clearly is completely over engineered but I think it speaks to the quality of the product overall. The lustre finish does have a sheen which makes me wonder how shiny the glossy finish must be. I’m also impressed by the nice touch of adding felt pads on the two lower corners on the rear to help protect the wall and keep the print slightly off the wall which always helps canvas artwork to pop visually.

I think the best statement that can be made about a product is whether or not you would purchase it again and the answer in this case is yes. I definitely plan to order more prints of my photos via Fotomoto in the future. In addition to Canvas Prints I will also be trying out their Premium Prints as well as Fine Art Prints. I will definitely write up reviews of the different products I order from Fotomoto.  The final verdict on this first product, the canvas print in gallery wrap is 4 out of 5 stars.  That 1 missing star is mostly for the error made with regard to black-wrap instead of white-wrap.