Now for something completely different for Timid Sky. I rarely feature people in my art photography. More or less it’s due to the fact that I feel my art photography wheelhouse (so far) doesn’t include human subjects. If that makes any sense. However, yesterday I was experimenting with some self portraits in my home studio with my flash/strobe units and various outfits. Then I decided to go grab one of my guitars and the result is above. Music (specifically guitar) is my other passion so it’s always nice when I can combine the two.

17 Responses to Behold

  1. george says:

    Conceptually unusual and beautifully lit with wonderful black negative space. I like it – and the guitar….

  2. fabrizio says:

    perfect atmosphere and mood i like this equilibrium between delicacy and power

  3. Cerstin says:

    A fantastic light and composition. I like your presentation.

  4. Kala says:

    Nicely executed self portrait. And a beautiful guitar.

  5. Louloupix says:

    Congratulations DK, your picture is one of the featured images for this week’s challenge. I love you tried something different and succeeded. This autoportrait has a lot of character and is very well controlled. Great job!

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  7. Lovely work with the lightning.. BTW, is that a Les Paul? Music is my passion too… 🙂

    • d.k.sutton says:

      Thanks. Indeed it is a Les Paul. Although full disclosure, its an Epiphone Les Paul but Gibson owns Epiphone so it’s not a knock-off. It’s a LP with the standard LP signature. It’s a beautiful guitar.

  8. James says:

    Love this shot! Great detail on the guitar.

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