Corinthian Order

Corinthian Order


United States Custom House – Charleston, South Carolina

Completed in 1879, construction of the U.S. Custom House in Charleston, S.C. actually began before the Civil War in 1853 but was postponed in 1859 as hostilities escalated. Construction resumed after the war in 1870. Total cost of construction was nearly $3 million. The site was formerly the location of Craven Bastion which was part of a colonial era walled fortification that surrounded Charleston from the 1680s to 1780s. The Custom House is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places (1974).

13 Responses to Corinthian Order

  1. Really cool perspective and excellent B&W conversion. Very nice dramatic image D.K.

  2. yz says:

    breathtaking perspective and great dramatic sky

  3. george says:

    Just wish that the guy at the top of the steps could be disappeared! But not withstanding that he cool sky and tasteful B/W treatment adds a certain gravity to the building…

    And it’s one time when the natural distortion of wide angle lenses adds to the creativity of the image.

    • d.k.sutton says:

      Thanks George! I try to limit my photo manipulation to “darkroom” enhancements only but certainly some quick Photoshop work could “disappear” the guy at the top of the steps. 🙂 If I had known how dramatic that photo was going to turn out I would have been more patient in waiting for a time to get a shot without anybody in it. Having said that, I do think seeing a human being in the shot adds drama with regard to the scale of the building.

  4. I love the perspective, and the clouds look amazing.

  5. Louloupix says:

    Great view on the court house, very imposing and dramatic. Beautiful

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  7. Great image!

    The building and the dramatic sky are very imposing.

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