Lonesome Tree On A Hill II

Lonesome Tree On A Hill II


As promised, another photo in the Lonesome Tree On A Hill series.  This one is much like the first photo in the series except this time around in landscape orientation and the horizon is much closer to center revealing more of the land leading up to the main subject.  Facing northwest on N Chatham Rd. (Route 841) near Route 82 in West Marlborough Township – Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Stay tuned for upcoming photos in this series including a winter variety.

12 Responses to Lonesome Tree On A Hill II

  1. Really nice–love the organic lines in the field.

  2. Leanne says:

    Lovely minimalistic viewpoint.

    • d.k.sutton says:

      The simplistic shots are sometimes the best. When everything comes together, of course. Which is less frequent than we’d like.

  3. La grande classe… J’adore. Great photo!

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